April 6, 2017


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    Owen Clements

    We use 1629.co.uk company to buy from them and resale to open market during 5 years now. The customers experience with 1629 is on the next level in property battleground.

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    We made a partnership with PropertyCashBuyers.com who can offer to our customers their property valuation service. Do you want to know how much is your fresh built house worth? Just click here and have a free property valuation.

    Our Location

    1629.co.uk is one of Lancashire’s leading construction company located in Preston city with over twenty years of industry experience in building and renovating homes. Preston became England’s 50th city in 2002 , the 50th year of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. Over the years we have continually strived to improve on the technologies that we use in construction. We also pride ourselves in only doing environmentally friendly work because we are committed to ensure that we reduce the effect of climate change in the UK and around Europe.

    At the1629.co.uk we work in partnership with the Preston City Council to ensure that all our building works meets national standards and also ensure that all constructions are built in a safe , healthy and accessible environment.Our portfolio ranges from constructing terraced houses , detached or semi- detached houses , detached or semi-detached bungalows and apartments. Some projects have had car parking and outside space requirements and we have always worked in collaboration with Preston City Council to deliver your dream home.We also do home or house extensions and renovations in accordance with the council’s policy regulations.

    The British government in its effort to help more people within the country own homes offers serviced plots for buying.These plots have access to public highways and connections to water, sewer and electricity.At the1629.co.uk , we have helped construct new homes for clients who have bought serviced plots of land in Preston Urban Area, Cottam Hall , North West Preston ( West of the A6), Eastway/D’Urton Lane, Broughton, Barton, Grimsargh, Goosnargh/Whittingham  and Woodplumpton/Catforth .

    At 1629.co.uk we have  diverse and qualified personnel who offer quality craftsmanship in their projects alongside excellent advice and project management.Over the years we have developed certain values which have been core to our service delivery to our clients . We believe in making our projects safer and of good quality by using innovative and sustainable solutions.Our team achieves this because of their diverse backgrounds  and also collaboration with lending agencies who can help you secure a mortgage.

    In life all of us want to have a place they call home where we can move in either with our new partners or families.The choice of location and the size of the house greatly depends on the aspirations of individual folks but ultimately the underlying objective is owning a family home.At 1629.co.uk , we can help you fulfill your dreams as you lay your foundation for a happy family life.Whatever your project requirements are we offer all our customers with first class commitment as we work closely to deliver the project on schedule so that you can fulfill your dreams.This commitment is what  sets us apart from the competition.